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Unleash the power of automated mining, amass riches effortlessly. Conquer challenges with extra bounties, claim incredible rewards. Elevate your gameplay with unique NFT designs, crafting your digital identity.


Hold onto your helmets, Wrecked Worlds aficionados! The 2.0 update is not just about gameplay — it's about showering our valiant players with rewards that will send shockwaves through the gaming cosmos. Get ready for an exhilarating ride as we unveil two groundbreaking passes that will elevate your Wrecked Worlds experience to unprecedented heights!

Bounty Cards

Bounty NFT Bonanza:

Embark on the epic journey to claim your stake in the second market feast! Bounty NFTs are your ticket to the exclusive club, granting a juicy 0.01% royalty for each NFT. But that's not all—holding more NFTs means more liquid Wax rewards pouring in from the second market fee. The cherry on top? We're unleashing 1500 of these bad boys for FREE minting. It's time to stake your claim and reap the rewards like never before!

Retro Pass

Retro Pass Revolution:

For the trailblazers who stood with us in Wrecked Worlds v 1.0, the Retro Pass is your golden ticket to VIP status. The top 50 investors, who fearlessly invested around $10, will be treated to free mints, a dazzling 0.5% slice of the second market royalty, and a Level 1 whitelist for future sales. But wait, there's more—a whopping 50% discount on each purchase! It's not just a pass; it's a legacy.

Premium Pass

Premium Pass Prestige:

For those hungry for the ultimate VIP treatment, we present the Premium Pass—a coveted key to the elite realm. Only 200 passes will be sold, each unlocking a 0.3% royalty share, and a Level 1 whitelist for future sales. Join the ranks of the privileged few who command the finest perks in Wrecked Worlds.

The 2.0 update is not just an evolution; it's a revolution in rewards. Brace yourselves for a tsunami of excitement, exclusive perks, and unparalleled adventure as we unleash these passes into the Wrecked Worlds universe. Are you ready to seize the future and claim your place among the gaming elite? The countdown begins now!



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